About me

Hi and welcome to CinderellaFan.com.

My name is Jesper and I am from Denmark.

In 2012 I started collecting Cinderella stamps. My interest for Cinderella stamps was initiated when I discovered the fantastic stamps, covers, proofs etc. from the British Philatelic Artist Mr. Gerald M. King… and since then I have grown into a huge fan of Cinderellas.

My main “Cinderellas” area of interest is the Cinderellas of Mr. Gerald King and my collection has grown quite a lot during the years… The collection now contains quite a lot of different stamps, signed proofs, signed covers, color trials etc.

When I began collecting Cinderellas designed by Mr. Gerald King (stamps, covers, proofs, trials, etc.), I spent quite a lot of time on the Internet searching and reading about Cinderellas and about Gerald King. In particular, I spent a lot of time reading various pages under the great site www.askmeaboutstamps.com and I also joined the corresponding forum.

The purpose of CinderellaFan.com is to share some of the knowledge I have gained about Gerald King Cinderellas and to show some of the exciting items in my Gerald King collection to other Gerald King collectors / fans.

Hopefully the site can also be helpful for new Gerald King collectors who want to start collecting Gerald King Cinderellas.


Best regards,

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